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Explore how Bronte presents Jane Eyre. Bronte firstly presents Jane, as a very intelligent young child. The use of language Bronte chooses for Jane is that of an elder and much more intelligent than a ten year old girl. The way Bronte writes in ‘Jane Eyre’ is in first person, it gives the reader an autobiographical read into Jane’s life, however it’s fiction novel. It’s Jane as a grown woman looking back through her life and reminiscing the highs and lows of her life in much detail. It’s as if Jane remembers everything as if it was yesterday. Bronte writes the phrase ‘Cold winter wind’ this echoes how Jane is feeling. Jane is feeling cold, isolated and withdrawn, much like wind. This phrase also sets the scene. To me personally, I think that this makes the scene feel dark and eerie, as winter is mostly dark and cold, where as if Bronte described the weather as a hot summer’s day, (for example) then the mood of the novel would be totally different altogether. It would give a happy and upbeat sense to the novel not an unhappy and mysterious sense that Bronte has created. This is very typical of Bronte’s style of writing. Bronte writes the words ‘More sociable and childlike disposition’ this is Mrs Reed speaking about Jane. I think that Mrs Reed is a very superficial woman. She wants to have the perfect family with the perfect house and the perfect life, but instead her husband has died, so she has to bring up her own children and Jane on her own. In the Victorian era, it was hard for a mother to bring up her children on their own, without any help. However, Mrs Reed has maids which make it easier for her to cope. Conversely, women who were poor didn’t get to have this luxury. They had to just ‘deal with it’. It is as if Mrs Reed is repulsed by Jane. In my opinion, I think that Mrs Reed likes the expression ‘children should be seen and not heard’. She does

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