Alerting Aquatic Affair Essay

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Some issues are extremely severe nowadays, yet there is not enough public awareness for these issues. “Hot topic” issues such as global warming and gay marriage are being focused and centralized on. These issues have pushed America’s priorities from lesser problems to greater threats. Lesser problems such as water conservation have left the focus of a majority of the American society. Although water conservation is important during times of severe drought, it has not become a major issue. Recently, a drought during the summer of 2011 in America has left many Americans in the mid-west sweltering. Because of this, people started to emphasize the essential need of water conservation. Nowadays, since the drought is no longer present, the view of America has shifted away from the conservation of water. Even though America does not think about water conservation at many times, many companies create commercials and advertisements to help convey the message of water conservation. One company, which is called Venfield, created an intriguing advertisement that conveys the message of water conservation through various uses of pathos. One major method of how Venfield has utilized pathos to help convey their message of water conservation is the incorporation of the theme of “life”. One of life’s necessities is the abundant liquid itself; however, it might not be abundant forever. As represented in the advertisement, water is slowly draining away from the fish bowl. The faucet is left leaking and the water level in the fish bowl is slowly beginning to lower. Soon, there will be no more living space for the goldfish to dwell in. Life for the goldfish could end in a slow death, gasping for water. This advertisement can mirror other animals as well. Although many animals are being well nourished in nature reserves, many animals in the wild have limited access to water. Many people

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