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Chapter 1: Introduction- Alek “Crap! I lost the stake, what do I do? Run.” I thought to myself while running as fast as possible. I hopped over the chain linked fence in front of me and kept running. I rounded a corner at the end of the alley only to see a man at the end of it pointing a gun at me. Alright hold on lets back track now. My name is Aleksandra Merinov. I moved to the U.S. From Romania a month ago. The reason I came here? Someone took my younger sister Katrina. I would have made my way here eventually, this place is swarming with vampires. Now there are two types of them. The bad ones, Strigori, And the good ones, Moroi. The guy that was chasing me, he was obviously a Strigori. Now I know what your thinking “What? No Way, Vampires aren't real!” Yes way. They're real. I would know, I just had one chasing me. Okay, so the guy at the end of the alley, That is my boyfriend Markus Serikov. He moved here with me to help me find Katrina. Starting from the beginning now, It was a regular night in Sioux Falls. I was following a lead so I could find the leader of the Stigori's. And I think I got a little too caught up with this guy and I let my guard down. This just had to be the one night that I went hunting without Markus. Anyways so I'm “interrogating” the first Strigori and he starting smiling like crazy. I punch him and ask him why hes smiling, then BAM! I get hit in the head with something heavy. I turned around only to find yet another Strigori. When he hit me I must have dropped my stake because I couldn’t find it anywhere. And thats when I started running. Speed up past all the running back to Markus at the end of the alley. Markus fired two shots as I dropped to the ground. One bullet skimmed my arm but implanted itself in the Strigoris' head. “Man am I glad to see you.” I said as I got up and dusted myself off. “It's amazing

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