Alec Jeffery: Dna Fingerprinting Essay

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Alec Jeffery: DNA fingerprinting Throughout history, man has pride himself on inventions that changed the fabric of history, inventions that have shown how far the human mind can go. Alec Jeffery’s invention of DNA fingerprinting is a perfect example of how one man’s invention can change how everyone looks at technology. Alec Jeffery is a molecular biologist whose method of DNA fingerprinting has quickly found its way into the courts, where it is used to exonerate people wrongly accused crimes and to finger the true culprits. Alec Jeffery’s groundbreaking invention has helped keep innocent people out of prison and also has put the right people into prison. DNA fingerprinting changed the world because of the amount of people it helped, also the amount of people that were caught because of it. Jeffery was born on January 9, 1950 in England. Inspired by his father who was an inventor, he became curious about science as a young boy. While in school, he excelled in both biology and chemistry and entered Oxford University to study biochemistry, which led him to earn his Ph.D. in 1975. In 1984 he created the tool known as genetic fingerprinting, which allowed him to identify individuals through their DNA. In the following years DNA fingerprinting became essential in forensic science to assist police detective work, and it has also proved useful in resolving paternity and immigration disputes. In 1986, DNA fingerprinting was used in a criminal case for the first time. At that time, Richard Buckland was accused for the rape and murder of two young school girls. The DNA test was found negative when the semen sample collected from the two girls did not match Mr. Buckland’s DNA. He was the first person to be found innocent with the help of DNA fingerprinting and was definitely not the last. There were so many people that were exonerated because of DNA fingerprinting that

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