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Aldelphia Essay

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Trident University International
Business Ethics 501
Case assignment-Module 1

Deontology can be defined as a moral obligation or a devotion to one person or one thing. Many people in society today, do not normally believe in the study of deontology. A few exceptions to deontology in the American society can be limited to, military; devotion to the constitution or church; devotion to ones God. Deontology is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can consume ones mental reservation. Someone could have a deep devotion to a ruler or boss that does not display proper ethics. In the case of the Adelphia Scandal many family members followed the CEO of the company, but were all penalized because proper business ethics were not displayed at the time. In this case assignment I will identify the Adelphia family scandal, identify ethical violations, describe deontological ethics, and I will briefly discuss Kants Theory.
Adelphia Scandal
In June of 2005, “John Rigas, who turned a $300 investment a half-century ago into cable behemoth Adelphia Communications Corp., was sentenced to 15 years in prison Monday for his role in the looting and debt-hiding scandal that pummeled the company into bankruptcy” (Associated Press, 2005). This scandal leads to the bankruptcy of the Adelphia Corporation. John was accused for purchasing 17 company cars illegally, 3600 acres to preserve their land at the family home in Pennsylvania, a plethora of personal luxuries, and finally two large Christmas trees flows from a new York shop.
With this scandal there company did not force there family members to pay restitution but they seized $1.5 billion dollars in assets. In this case many of the company’s financial statements were not balanced, because monies from the company were coherently “missing” (Associated Press, 2005). This case was deemed by the Department of Justice, the United States largest white collar case. While looking into similar cases, this by far...

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