Alcow Core Values in Practice Dixcussion Case

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Alcoa's Core Values in Practice Discussion Case James Turner BUS250: Corporate and Social Responsibility Instructor: Bruce Nave August 28, 2013 Alcoa's Core Values in Practice Discussion Case In the wake of the global economic crisis that began in 2008, Alcoa management and employees have faced our share of challenges and urgent business priorities. It is during these times – when the pressures of the business are most intense – that we at Alcoa re-emphasize our commitment to our core values. In classifying Alcoa’s, work climate the Aluminum Company of America has made a commitment to make its business quality work place for the company employees. This commitment to enhance its workplace encouraging its core values in respect of safety, corporate governance, people, supply chain, and health. This commitment of Alcoa’s ethical distinguish work climate has came with many challenges through the 125 years of the existing globally corporate business to be accountable of its guidelines and polices. Some of the top priorities, which Alcoa promote, are Health and Safety is a firm commitment to their core value. Alcoa has reach a “zero work related injuries and illness” this was a target of the company of “living its values everyday”. Alcoa Inc. (2013). “In 1985, Fred Fetterolf, then president, decided the company needed to document the values that all employees must live by: Integrity; Environment, Health, and Safety; Customer; Accountability; Excellence; People; and Profitability” Lawrence, A.T. & J. Weber, (2011). The ethical criterion this value base business is Principles promoting integrity through Alcoa leaders, management, employees, and all other “Alcoans regardless of level or position, is an ambassador for those values: integrity in everything we do; accountability for our actions and results; respect for the safety of our people and

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