Alcoholism Is A Disease Essay

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Marie Hite Dr.Call English 1010 Nov.3, 2009 Alcoholism is a Disease Alcoholism is a disease because it is a very mentally as well as physical element that affects the body. It can be very addictive if a person drinks enough of it. For instance, if a person goes to a party with a friend and they play this game called Truth or Dare. They have to do whatever the facilitator of the game instructs them to do. So the bottle comes to lets name this person Sally, she either has to chug a lug or be embarrassed with a truth. Sally doesn’t want to be embarrassed, so she decides to chug a lug. Well she enjoyed the chug a log which happened to be a bottle of Wild Irish Rose, so she keeps on doing the dares. Now every time Sally gets paid, she stops at the liquor store to get that famous drink. She does not realize that it is destroying her marriage and that it is affecting her children as well. All she knows is that the drink is good and that it cools her nerves for a while. This is how this terrible disease called alcoholism comes into effect. Now Sally parties every weekend; wakes up on Sunday morning with a hangover. She is so hung over that she has to run to the bathroom to throw up. That is awful. Her husband decides to take the kids and leave until she gets some help. At this point, she really does not care. Let’s discuss why we say that alcoholism is a disease. When a person consumes too much alcohol, it causes a person to wake up with a bad hangover. They are usually sick at the stomach, grouch, and want more alcohol. Look at Sally all she ever had has left her because of her addiction to alcohol. Now let’s go visit Sally again. She is so alone. Her boss got tired of her coming to work late, so she is suspended from work. To solve her problem, she stops at a liquor store to purchase her favorite drink, opens it and starts to drink.

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