Alcoholism Finally Hitting Rock Bottom Essay

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Alcoholism: Finally Hitting Rock Bottom Michelle Foy Germanna Community College Abstract Alcoholism is a serious problem and if we, has citizens of this country don’t take a step back and look at the problems that are stressed in this paper we will fail. In this paper you will see different ways to help the alcoholic in the recovery process. We will fail our younger generations and they will grow up and do the same. Let’s move through the process and help this problem out in a way that has never been helped before…before it’s too late. This paper will address the traditional standard treatment options such as Alcohol Anonymous, (AA) Moderation Management, and (MM) to help the alcoholics recover from their drinking problem. Besides the traditional ways, medical science is using various forms of medicine as well as the newest nutrional therapies that include ones diet. Creating a safe environment for the alcoholic to turn to in a time of need is a step by step process in which is further discussed though out the paper. Alcoholism is a complex problem that will take all of society to come together and create the best solution plan for the alcoholic. Alcoholism Finally Hitting Rock Bottom Ringing telephone in the back ground…”Deputy Spade, can you state your emergency?” “Hello emergency, my name is Michelle, I need you to come quick…my brother is shaking on the floor and throwing up, it looks like he is trying to bite his tongue.” “Ok, Michelle, it’s going to be ok, I’m going to call the first responder unit to come to your house”. “Ok, please hurry” You can hear the cries in the back ground as Michelle screams at her brother “Glenn, wake up its Sissy!” “Deputy Spade, calling first responder unit we have a possible seizure, Ok Michelle it’s going to be Ok, and I need you to try to roll your brother on his side then use some pillows so he won’t roll back

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