Alcoholism associated with the novel Crabbe

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Alcoholism refers to anyone that inhibits continued consumption of alcoholic beverages to deal with problems, knowing that it can lead to health problems and not caring about life problems and issues. One will become dependent on alcoholic beverages and turn to it when there is something wrong. It can also lead to serious social problems such as isolation from society, job related problems and family problems. Medical definitions describe alcoholism as a disease which results in a persistent use of alcohol despite negative consequences. Those who are classified as alcoholics use alcohol frequently to drown out day to day stresses and problems they are facing. They use it as a way to run from these problems. Franklin Crabbe is an eighteen year old who drinks when he is depressed or just to get through a tough day at school. Throughout the novel, Crabbe exhibits three symptoms of alcoholism: denial, hiding his alcohol and solitary drinking. Denial is a symptom of alcoholism which causes the person to lie about their drinking so that nobody thinks they are an alcoholic. They also deny their drinking to themselves as a way to justify when they do have a drink, meaning that they believe it is okay to have a drink because they do not have a problem. In the novel, Crabbe exhibits denial after an incident at school. “You’ve been drinking haven’t you Crabbe?” “What? Who me? Drinking?” “No sir.” “I lied, not believing for a second I was going to talk my way out of this one.” “What gave you that idea? Just because I slipped? The floor was wet.” (Bell, 25). Crabbe lies about why he is skipping out on class because he needs to go have another drink to calm himself down. “Wasn’t feeling well sir. Thought I’d get dressed and take it easy.” (Bell, 24). Alcoholics will tend to hide their drinks and both empty and full bottles because they know that alcoholism is socially
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