Alcoholism Essay

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RONALD CASTOR MARCH 21ST, 2012 ENC 1101 - 83 Castor 1 Alcoholism Has Many Detrimental Effects on Life How frequently has it been mentioned that alcoholism is a disease? Those of us who pay enough attention have certainly heard it many times. The terms alcoholism, alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependency are often used interchangeably (CDC, 1989). Most experts agree that alcoholism is a disease in which someone’s body becomes heavily dependent on alcohol. Alcoholism describes the behavior of people who consume alcohol compulsively and uncontrollably. Many problems that our society faces today can be safely blamed on alcohol abuse. The effects of alcoholism are serious. People who drink alcohol excessively often blame their problems as a reason for consuming it. They frequently say alcohol helps anesthetize pains caused by their problems. However, the risks of such behavior far outweigh its benefits. The body of an alcoholic leads to tolerance for alcohol, meaning that the more a person drinks the more he or she wants to drink until the feelings he or she is craving for have been reached. In that stage other problems begin to occur. Among the many problems that result from alcohol addiction are serious health threats, family dysfunction, and financial hardships. Castor 2 One of the problems caused by alcohol abuse is poor health. Whether it is physical or mental, those problems are serious. Almost any health problems that result from excessive alcohol abuse could become fatal (Timby, p147). The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism mentions over thirty physical health problems that are directly linked to alcoholism. They include, but not limited to, infectious disease, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, gastrointestinal disorder, kidney and liver failure, pancreatic failure, intentional and non-intentional bodily

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