Alcoholism Essay

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Alcoholism is a condition that has been documented throughout history. The American Medical Association defines alcoholism as “an illness characterized by a significant impairment that is directly associated with persistent and excessive use of alcohol” (Schreiber) The cause of alcoholism is where opinions may differ. The medical field suggest a biological or genetic cause for alcoholism while the psychologist claim mental instability is the root of alcoholism and furthermore the spiritualist claim lack of spirituality is the cause of alcoholism. Nevertheless, alcoholism is stigmatized and many people have an image in mind when someone mentions alcoholism. But rarely does the alcoholic fit these stereotypes. The diagnoses of alcoholism can sometimes be tricky. There are subtle differences between an abuser and an alcoholic. While the abuser may have negative consequences associated with their drinking, they may not have endured physical dependence upon alcohol. The dependence along with the negative consequences is when true alcoholism becomes detectable. The alcoholic may feel the need to quit to avoid health or legal problems but can’t seem to overcome the dependence.(Schreiber) Many alcoholics have other physical ailments associated with their consumption of alcohol. Usually alcoholics suffer in many areas of life, such as having health problems, family and domestic issues and legal troubles. It is widely assumed that alcoholism predominately starts at a younger age when compared to other drugs.(Potkonjak) Psychologist have many theories as to why some people become alcoholics and some remain casual drinkers. Many times mental illness is associated with alcoholism and psychologist are noticing the correlation between depression and alcoholism. Psychologist notice that many times depression is the underlying cause of alcoholism. The Center for Disease Control

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