Alcoholism Essay

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Alcoholism Alcoholism is a genetic disease due to chronic alcoholic abuse. Also, people with alcoholism aren’t able to control their drinking habits. By not being able to control their intake of alcohol, it has a high effect on their family life, health, and social status. The symptoms of alcoholism are when then person makes excuses to drink, not having control of their consumption of alcohol, the denial of even having the disease, tolerance to alcohol, having to drink some alcohol in the morning to divert a hangover, mood swings, lost of interest in regular activities, anxiety, nausea, and etc. By noticing these symptoms, the person may be able to accept their disease and find ways to treat it. Alcoholism can affect anyone. At any age, ethnicity, social class, or work profession someone is able to attain this disease. When drinking a heavy amount of alcohol at a frequent rate, it factors as a higher risk to get alcoholism. Some other risk factors of alcoholism are age, genetics, sex, family history, and emotional disorders. By drinking at and early age it gives a person a higher risk of depending on alcohol. With genetics, a person’s genetic makeup can increase your risk to the disease. The risk factor in family history is very high when a person has a parent of parents that had abused to use of alcohol. The causes of alcoholism have an addiction process for someone consuming alcohol. First of all, it creates some of the chemicals to become unbalanced. The chemical is known as gamma-aminobutryic acid. This chemical helps to inhibit impulsiveness and glutamate. This also, excites the nervous system. Alcohol in the body creates an increase in dopamine levels in the brain which are in connection with the satisfying affects. When an excessive amount of alcohol is taken in it lowers or pushes up the level of chemicals in the body that cause the

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