Alcoholism Essay

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Recent studies clearly show that a rising number of Americas all across the country are seeking alcohol and drugs to reduce the stress of their problem-ridden lives. However, this methodology of self-medication clearly does not work. Unfortunately, alcohol has become one of the most heavily utilized drugs today. It definitely is not the only drug being abused though. America is a wealthy nation with tremendous materials and technological advance. Unfortunately, we seem to also be a nation full of drug abusers. All across the nation, you can find cabinets full of OTC and prescription drugs. In fact, recent studies apparently seem t indicate that a plethora of teenagers are getting high from drugs ALREADY in the home! Our public utilizes all of its resources to keep us informed about the vast dangers of meth-amphetamines, heroin and even cocaine. Yet, this same media does nothing to educate us about the extreme dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. It seems that alcohol, our country's biggest vice, has been sent to the burner in the back. In our multi-cultural society, we utilize alcohol for many reasons. We use it to socialize, to sit back and relax, to increase our self-esteem and sexual ego and even at times just to be accepted. And a tremendous number of us utilize alcohol just to escape from our reality of inadequacy and depression. I myself use alcohol to escape my life as an autistic male. When I drink, it is as if I cross paths into a world where I am COOL, where I am the FONZ, where I am special. Without alcohol, I'm just awkward me. It is because of reasons just like this that alcoholism is on such a quick rise. For most people, alcohol is a fairly safe drug to use. This does not apply to everybody though, especially those either not willing too or entirely unable to control how much they drink. Truthfully, the inner pain that alcohol may perhaps

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