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Jennifer Binkley May 31, 2012 English K. Burns Alcoholism Alcoholism affects different people in different ways. Not only does it affect the person with the drinking problem but it also affects family members and friends. The negative experiences leave lasting affects on all. Before I was married, I had never really dealt with or been around people who drank. Neither my mother nor my father drank. My parents were very responsible in the aspect of never having me around alcohol. My husband is 41 years old and has been drinking since he was a young teenager. Now a grown man, he has to have it. Alcohol is like a drug. It is addicting and will control your life. There are different levels of alcoholism. My husband is a functional alcoholic. This means that the goes to work and handles all of his responsibilities but when he gets home – he has to have his beer. Alcoholism is a disease. It affects him in a way that alters his behavior, attitude and actions. Usually bringing out a lot of anger and negative feelings. He says that it helps him to forget. I wish that he would just learn to deal with his memories and find a new way to cope with his problems. Alcohol just masks the obvious issues that are bothering him. That’s his way of handling his emotions. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step in the 12 Step rehab program. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get someone to admit to a problem that they truthfully and wholeheartedly don’t believe they have? This is something that I have dealt with for many years now. My husband drinks every day. All of our bills are paid. Our house is nice and he keeps care of the yard. Everything is good….minus the alcohol. Sometimes when he is drunk he will admit and say that he has a problem with his drinking. But, as a sober man he will not admit the

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