Alcoholism Essay

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‘Alcoholism is ruining our society.’ Comment. (Remember to write about its causes and consequences especially on the youth.) Alcoholism and alcohol is a growing problem in our society. Daily people are killed in alcohol-related accidents and this has an effect on each and every person as a result. Whether we are personally involved or have directly suffered from the actions of someone who is under the influence of liquor. Most often adolescent and young adults are drunk. A study determined that high-school students that are studying drink alcohol to cope with problems in their lives. Girls are more likely to use alcohol for evading and emotion-oriented managing than boys, but the boys are more likely to have alcohol problems. One of the common reasons why people consume alcoholic beverages excessively is to cover up their depression and anxiety. Some people don’t want to express any negative emotion or feeling while there are some that drink too much alcohol to fight their loneliness. Usual causes of alcoholism comprise when a person lives a stressful life or experiences a lot of failures or disappointments. Having a mental disorder or illness also pushes the person to get addicted with alcohol. On the other hand, the causes of alcoholism in children or teenagers basically have something to with their family background. Children having lack of supervision from parents have a high tendency to develop a habit that deals with alcoholic drinks. It is mainly due to influence of their peers and friends at school. Since there is no one to look after the kid, bad influences can easily be adapted and it might be too late before the parents discover it. Another probable reason why children get into alcoholism is to show that they are matured enough to handle such tough thing in life The first effects of alcoholism

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