Alcoholism Essay

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The Causes and Effects of Alcoholism What are the consequences of alcoholism? Alcoholism is one of the mayor problems in society. According to a study, alcohol is a depressant that slows down the body's reaction and also affects the brain and the nervous system (Claus, 2011). The effects of this disease are very serious, many people are getting accustomed to drink alcohol and they can easily abuse it. This is a huge problem for society. Alcohol abuse can be originated by a hereditary condition, or promoted by negative social activities. There are also physical and psychological effects when people abuse alcohol. Claus' study does not have a definite answer as to reasons why people are prone to abuse alcohol, he found many studies that indicate hereditary conditions contribute to it. One research showed the way the brain electrical activity when drinking alcohol was hereditary. Social activities also contribute to the abuse of alcohol. Binge drinking and peer pressure are the primary reasons young college students abuse alcohol consumption. Research show that individuals in a group will compromise personal believes such as drinking in order to feel part of the group (Witt & Mossler, 2010) The physical effect of alcoholism can be very damaging and can lead to a early death. Alcoholism can cause loss of appetite and sleep deprivation, many alcoholics would choose to continue drinking, and would disregard basic need such as eating or sleeping. There are other physical effects in the body such as nervous damages; alcohol can also cause stomach, kidney or liver cancer. Because of all these, people that abuses alcohol tend to die earlier than those that do not consume alcohol. Even though many people are aware of the dangerous consequences, many still choose to abuse it . Some of the psychological problems alcoholism brings are

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