Alcoholic Parents & Alcoholic Kids Essay

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Alcoholic Parents & Alcoholic Kids Question: Prepare two arguments—one supporting the position that alcoholism is a Genetically inherited disease, and the other supporting the position that alcoholism is not a medical disease but results from learning. Both genetic factors and environment plays are important role in alcoholism and children with alcohol. People do not understand the danger of alcohol and how those two factors can be so important. Both factors can break up family, quit jobs, and lose lives. Yes, I do think that alcoholism has genetic influence. Traditional Chinese doctors believe that pregnant mothers’ nutrients influence what the baby in the womb eats. For example, if the mother eats bread, then the nutrients the baby gets comes from the bread. If the mother eats rice, then the nutrients the baby gets comes from the rice. In other words, if the mother drinks a lot of alcohol, then the baby will get a lot of alcohol in his/her body. If drinking a lot of alcohol can get someone addicted, then the baby will be influenced by alcohol before he/she is born. This is how the traditional Chinese doctors look at mother and baby’s alcohol and health. I have an uncle who drinks a lot of alcohol. His favorite drink is vodka, and he can drink about half a gallon every day. He does not have a job, or a wife. His father is also an alcoholic who died young. My uncle’s son or my cousin is also drinking heavily at parties and clubs. I can see the influence of alcohol very close to home, and I can see it as a genetic problem to his father to his son. Of course in other countries, many researches have been done to prove this. Many scientific research supports that alcoholism may be influenced by genetic factors (Morris & Maisto, pg. 71). A research done in Sweden shows this effect on twins. The study shows that twins whose

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