alcohol vs. tobacco

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Our society is effected by numerous detrimal or harmful activities that people participate in. One of those activities is alcohol use. The effects of alcohol may be worse than some had expected. Alcohol eases social anxiety, so it is used more than often at parties, and gatherings. Having alcohol in our social situations can be dangerous. People begin to drink and drink, especially if they are really nervous, and soon become drunk, when they can be coaxed into doing anything. This can lead to much worse activities than just drinking. Alcohol effects people’s driving, decision making, perspective, mental abilities and their health as well. If someone drinks too much they can get ill, and even die. Alcohol effects our society severely in many ways. Another activity people participate in is tobacco use, or smoking. Tobacco can be smoked, chewed or dipped. The tobacco enters the blood stream, increasing the heart rate, blood pressure and reduces the amount of oxygen the blood can carry to the heart. This can cause lung disease, heart disease, strokes, and many more health problems. Many people in our society smoke and get health problems in return. Many teens get peer pressured to smoke, and once they start it is hard to stop. Recently the law was passed that smoking is not allowed in public places in NJ. People can spend an average of $2,000 on cigarettes in one year. This can be tough on families and individuals financially. Tobacco has a harmful effect on our society today. The activities people in our society participate in the most are drinking and smoking. The one that has the worst effect on the society is alcohol. Alcohol affects more than just the person drinking. It affects everyone that comes in contact with that person. They can badly hurt someone with stupid decisions they make while drunk, such as drunk driving. They can kill someone, including
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