Alcohol Rights Essay

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Alcohol: A Right or a Privilege Around the globe, the United States is one of few countries with the restriction of alcohol consumption to those of or above the age of 21. Countries in Europe, Australia, or even a neighboring country such as Canada have a drinking age that of 18, or even lower in some cases. If these countries from all around the world have proven, through leading by example, that a drinking age lower than 21 would not result in an economic phenomenon, then why can’t the United States government agree. An adult, or those of or over the age of 18, should be given the right to consume alcohol. Upon reaching adulthood in the US, many rights or privileges become available. Some of these new privileges would include purchasing tobacco products, the right to possess a firearm, vote for their countries leader, join the military, sign contracts, or even gamble to a certain extent. Adulthood also gives access to the right to own a home/apartment, getting married, and operating a motor vehicle. Responsibilities for your own actions from a legal standpoint will also set in upon reaching adulthood. It seems quite preposterous that an adult in the United States is given all these rights, trusted with responsibilities of great magnitude, yet restricted from the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Former president of Middlebury College in Vermont stated, “The drinking age does not reduce drinking. It has simply put young adults at greater risk” (McCardell). Regardless of the age restriction, due to the curiosity teenagers are going to consume alcohol. Drinking is not always accessible to them, therefore these adolescents will tend to binge drink more often. The federal government’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that in 2005, the most recent year for which complete figures are available, 85 percent of 20-year-old Americans reported

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