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Alcohol is problematic in the dorm life. If I drink in the dorms, I not only cause problems to myself but to others around me as well. Alcohol drinking is severely problematic for the adolescence. Some consequences are drinking and driving, sexual behavior, risky behavior, puberty, and bone growth. Of the nearly Eight Thousand drivers ages fifteen through twenty involved in fatal crashes in 1995. From those 8000 drivers, twenty percent had blood alcohol concentrations above zero. Also, teens tend to make bad decisions due to the loss of judgment alcohol brings upon people. To exemplify, they might make wrong decisions in who they are having physical relationships with. Finally, alcohol is problematic in teens because alcohol stops bone growth. It is essential for adolescence to get a good night sleep and eat healthy food in order to grow. However, drinking alcohol will do exactly the opposite of what adolescence must do in order to become a full adult. Consequently, if I was to be faced in a similar situation, I would make a more mature decision. To exemplify, this weekend my friends asked me to drink with them in their dorms. However, since I faced the consequences of drinking in dorms or drinking in general I knew better than to take my friend's offer to drink in his room. Some issues I would consider when I am about to make a decision about drinking in the dorms is that I would think about the consequences that would follow my decision in drinking in the dorm. Since I am on probation which can lead to me being kicked out of the NYU dorm life if I get caught again, I would make the right decision to not drink in the dorms anymore for my benefit. Also, if I drink my decision making would be impaired. Thus, I may become loud in the dorms which will lead to my floor mates being disturbed. This is

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