Alcohol Limitiations Essay

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The company must also put a Zero Tolerance Policy in to place. They should execute firm restrictions at the workplace to maintain standards, to ban alcohol usage, to have full control of alcohol abuse and any illegal acts. By initiating these steps at the place of work restriction of the consumption of alcohol will be attained to a much higher degree. Limitation The limitations to Wellness programs are Confidentiality, uncertainty and costs. Confidentiality- The services offered are primarily paid by the employer & mainly because of this some employee groups & HR experts believe that employee confidentiality will be disclosed. Cost- A wellness program could be pretty expensive and more so, if the services offered are at premium. The personnel who offer the services don't come cheap and, each and every program piece has to be designed. Uncertainty- There is no assurance that the wellness programs will produce a positive result to the company. The outcome of the wellness program to succeed is indecisive. Conclusion Alcoholism issues among employees in the workplace poses an ethical threat to employers not just in the UK, but also all over the World. It clouds the judgement of employees and hinders them from performing their professional tasks optimally. Organizations have a role to play towards curbing alcoholism at the workplace. Stringent rules needs to be enforced as a means of deterring employees from coming to work drunk or hung-over and for those with an identified alcohol problem, they should not be condemned but given the opportunity and the resources to get help. The EAP is one of such programs and has been known to produce positive

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