Alcohol Detector Essay

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ALCOHOL DETECTOR ABSTRACT The main aim of this embedded application is to detect the alcohol drunken people. We are developing an embedded kit which will be placed in a vehicle. Now, the vehicle will be under the control of the kit .If any drunken person enter in to the vehicle it gives a buzzer sound immediately , and now the car will be under the control of the hardware used. We run the vehicle by using wireless communication i.e. from Control section (acts as transmitter) we are ejecting the control signals, then the vehicle receives (acts as receiver) the signals, according to the signals it will give a alarm or buzzer. It aims at designing and executing the vehicle controlling using RF. By using the RF communication, whenever alcohol is detected using the alcohol detector, the micro controller sends the information to the encoder and the encoder encodes the values and is received by the RF Transmitter. RF Receiver receives the information from the RF Transmitter and decoder decodes the serial input and sends the output to the micro controller and according to the information received by the micro controller the robot will move in that particular direction. The robot movement is driven with the help of L293D as driver IC. The programming language used for developing the software to the microcontroller is Embedded/Assembly. The KEIL cross compiler is used to edit, compile and debug this program. Micro Flash programmer is used for burning the developed code on Keil in to the microcontroller Chip. Here in our application we are using AT89C51 microcontroller which is Flash Programmable IC. AT represents the Atmel Corporation represents CMOS technology is used for designing the IC. INDEX 1. INTRODUCTION * OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT * BLOCK DIAGRAM 1. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT

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