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Alcohol Consumption Within Young People Essay

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Choice of Topic Area:
A BBC (2005) article explained how a majority of UK adults within the UK drink alcohol on a regular basis. The information showed that 1 in 5 UK males and 1 in 7 UK females are more likely to exceed departmental health guidelines on what constitutes sensible drinking. Another report (alcohol concern 2007) also highlights the previous indications “alcohol-related harm indicators for under 18’s suggest that a number of young people are now drinking at levels likely to lead to severe distress”. Marsden (2006) carried out some research into the evaluation of treatments for drugs and alcohol dependence, this research showed that large intakes of alcohol could lead to negative consequences, it went on to explain that all of the drugs within the UK are harmless when compared to the current levels of alcohol use. As well as this the writer suggested that “alcohol is responsible for more damage and homicides than all of the drugs put together”. Greenhagh (2007) confirmed that there are huge consequences of excessive alcohol use. They continued to say that not only does it increase the chances of heart disease and other illnesses but is likely to have large social and psychological negative consequences. All of the above authors have also stated that there has been significant increase in younger peoples drinking habits and that there is logical relevance to advertising that influence their reasoning behind their drinking.
The research is going to take place using students from the University Of Chichester (Bognor Regis Campus) the research is relevant to the category chosen because of the age range. Bognor Regis has been chosen as a location due to the night clubs and pubs in the surrounding area. Students are likely to benefit from the chosen research due to the information contained. It will be interesting for the students to see whether or not their alcohol consumption is impacted by the advertising they see on a daily basis.  
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