Alcohol And Drug Abuse In The Postmodern Universit Essay

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Postmodern University Postmodernism can be characterized as a highly complex and comprehensive conceptual shift, or as a paradigm change. Students are influenced by popular culture and make assumptions about drinking in college. Alcohol and drugs are now a part of students lives outside and inside the university, there have been cultural changes that brought this behavior are postmodern in nature. College students’ alcohol abuse is now recognized as a substantial public health problem rather than a harmless right of passage, and as a postmodern problem. Binge drinking has a negative effect on the student in a postmodern university. Binge drinking is the consumption of five or more drinks in a row. This habit is a major problem in many settings, not the least of which are college campuses. According to research in the book Psychology All Around Us, “40 percent of college students binge drink at least once every year, many of them multiple times per month.” These are higher rates than those among similar aged individuals who do not attend college. On many campuses, alcohol abuse is often an accepted part of college life. The statistics are scary though: “Binge drinking by college students has been associated with 1,700 deaths per year, 500,000 injuries, and tens of thousands of cases of sexual assault, including date rape. Alcohol related arrests account for 83 percent of all campus arrests.” The article Journal of College Student Development states the negative effects of binge drinking to female students,“Although death is the most tragic consequence linked to high-risk drinking, and receives the most media coverage, the more common outcomes associated with this pattern of behavior include at least one of the following consequences: low grades, physical fights, legal repercussions, sexual assaults, serious injuries, and

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