Alcohol Addiction And Society

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Alcohol Addiction and Society There are numerous social problems that are prevalent in today’s society. From sexuality issues to immigration issues to addiction, there are so many issues plaguing the world. However, it is my opinion that some social problems directly correlate to other social problems. It is not uncommon for one issue to be the root of 1 or more issues. My questions are can one social issue directly correlate to another? Does the issue of alcoholism lead to issues within families, education and one’s overall well being? How can treatment for alcohol addiction go beyond the normal physical rehabilitation? Drug abuse can be defined in a sociological context as the use of unacceptable drugs and or the excessive or inappropriate use of acceptable drugs in ways that can lead to physical, psychological or social harm. The term drug has a very broad definition but for the purpose of understanding the social problems drugs evoke it will be referred to as any substance that can affect a person physically, or psychologically, has the potential to be misused and can be harmful to the user or society. This definition covers both legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco and illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. Alcohol abuse in particular is a very serious social problem for which its severity is often overlooked when compared or categorized with illegal and/or more addicting drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. However the prevalence of alcohol use is apparent throughout the United States with average adults consuming nearly 22 gallons of beer, 2 gallons of wine and 1.5 gallons of liquor a year. According to the National Longitudinal Alcohol Epidemiological survey, 7.5 percent of adult Americans suffer from alcoholism or alcohol dependence. Another 76 million more people are affected by an alcoholic family member. The negative impact on society

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