Alcoa Essay

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` In the discussion case: Alcoa’s Core Values in Practice I would classify the ethical work climate as principle (integrity approach). Alcoa expected personal morality from their workers, the rules and procedures with to be followed by the organizations, and laws and professional codes were to be followed in society. I would classify Alcoa’s ethical work climate one of high standards. It is a global company with global ethics installed in 200 different locations in 31 countries on six different continents with 61,000 dedicated employees ( In 1985, Fred Fetterolf, then president, decided the company needed to document the values that all employees must live by: Integrity, environment, health, and safety; Customer; Accountability; Excellence; People; and Profitability (Lawrence & Weber, 2011, pg.129). Today they have Our Values, Integrity, Environment, Health & Safety, Innovation, Respect, and Excellence ( Alcoa has the same values as when they first started in 1888 and today they are the world’s leading producer of primary aluminum and fabricated aluminum, as well as the world’s largest miner of bauxite and refiner of alumina ( The top management commitment played a significant role in developing the ethical work climate and organizational performance seen at Alcoa. In the 1990’s Paul O’Neil the CEO implemented the health and safety to the global ethics and compliance program (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). Alcoa had an ethics and compliance officer who reported to the company’s CEO and board of directors, a global code of conduct, continuous ethics and compliance training for all employees, and a global helpline reporting system, to name just a few (Lawrence & Weber, 2011, pg. 130). All in all, the company emphasized that the program’s tools must be understandable by all employees, must support
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