Alchemy- the Science and Art of Myths, Magic and Chemistry! Essay

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ALCHEMY- AN AMALGAM OF MAGIC, MYTHOLOGY AND CHEMICAL SCIENCE From the bronze age to the modern nuclear age, the story of the step by step advance through the ‘mysteries of the elements’ is recounted here, and the impact of great discoveries on civilizations set forth in all its drama. I use this article as an opportunity to relate the mysterious art of wizardry and Alchemy with the much rational and myth busting science of Chemistry. Alchemy and chemistry run on the very same line, both dealing with elements of nature and the universe. It is rather a fact that Alchemy is the ancestral science of Chemistry. ALCHEMY: HOW WE SEE IT. Mention alchemy to most people and their eyes glaze as they conjure up visions of magic and voodoo science. At various times history attempts were made to understand and explain some of the early chemical reactions which had been discovered largely by accident. Hey involved such things as metallurgy, dyeing of cloth, organic synthesis, transmutation and much more. As explanation go, alchemy appears to have been one of the strangest sciences. Almost everybody has heard about the alchemists’ preoccupation with turning everything else into gold. Using various magical processes and potions, it was thought quite possible to achieve this. The fact that no one ever succeeded didn’t discourage the ‘prospectors’ and led to an evolution of the science of materials. Beginning with 1st century AD, atleast four different cultures had the stab of it. Early on, Greek artisans in Alexandria took up the challenge inspired by the theories of Aristotle. The Greeks saw the universe to be composed of four basic elements- earth, water, air and fire. These were the primary most general qualities by means of which amorphous and most quantitative substances of all bodies reveal themselves in differentiated forms. Because the art of ‘Khemeia’ seemed

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