Alchemist-Paulo Cohelo Formal Literary Essay

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Introduction: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, is a novel that explores the idea of people's paths of self-discovery, as well as their fulfillment and “success” in life. Coelho embraces this thought by basing the plotline on a boy who takes a magnificent journey to discover, and achieve his “Personal Legend”. The boy, Santiago, is eventually rewarded with treasure when he at last fulfilled his Personal Legend at the end of the book. But in a certain way Coelho left a very subjective question at the end of his story. What was Santiago’s Personal Legend really? Was it finding his true love Fatima, or was it his understanding of alchemy? Or on a more superficial level was it simply finding a treasure chest? As mentioned, it is a very subjective and controversial question, but one thing that is always applicable is the theme of spirituality that takes place in Santiago’s great journey to the pyramids. Plan of Development: Santiago’s odyssey is far more than a mere traverse through the desert, it is in fact a journey of spirituality. Santiago goes through the same path any religious person takes. He has questions and doubts about God and his Personal Legend. He makes rigorous sacrifices, and is rewarded at long last with confirmations of his faith. Thesis: The theme of spirituality is strongly intertwined with the very idea of a “Personal Legend”. A Personal Legend can be defined as the purpose of a being's life. In a spiritual sense, one’s purpose in life is to come closer to God. In the novel, Santiago’s Personal Legend in a superficial sense is to travel desert to get treasure. However, as the books plays out, the realization grows that the gifts that Santiago gains are everything but the actual treasure chest. His love, his knowledge, his ability understand The Soul of The World, those are the real treasures that Santiago yields. Intro main point #1: In most
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