Alcestis In Greek Gods And Heroes

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Robert graves, the distinguished poet, novelist, and historian, was born in England, went to Oxford University, served as a captain in World War I, and was a professor of poetry at Oxford. In 1960, He wrote Greek God’s and Heroes, 27 classical myths about Olympians and Greeks. This book provides an equally fascinating and entertaining experience. In Greek mythology, Alcestis was one of the daughters of Pelias. She was the most beautiful of King Pelias’s daughters (Graves 112). There was a big race that whoever wins then can marry with Alcestis. Many kings tried but failed. The God Apollo helped Admetus, son of the king of Pherae, to harness a lion and a bear to a chariot in order to win Alcestis’s hand. He married Alcestis. When the times for King Admetus die, another is allowed to take his place. Alcestis agreed to die for him. When she reached Tartarus, the God Persephone came out of the palace to meet her (115). Persephone impressed by her devotion, she helped to get out from death. Admetus then sacrificed the pig to Hades. By the Hades’s orders it was not allowed to exchange the soul. But the God Heracles poured olivewood club frightened him to helped Alcestis. In the one of article, Alcesitis was the daughter of Pelias and she devoted wife of Admetus. When Admetus died, the God Apollo asked the Fates to spare him. It was agreed that he could live if a surrogate were found (“Alcestis” para 1). So Alcestis offered herself as a willing substitute when the death came to claim her husband, after his aged parents had refused to die in his stead. The God Heracles helped Alcestis. He grappled with Hades for her lifer and rescued her. In the other article about Alcestis, who sacrificed herself for Admetus. He was afraid to facing to death, so he wanted to replace. Alcestis goes instead, not for romance, but to find her dead sister (“Alcestis” para 1).
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