Alcatraz Essay

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Nonfiction orris Frank M John Anglin nglin ce A en Clar A DARING PLAN TO Flickr rF/Getty imaGes (backGround); bettmann/corbis (inmates) pE cam Es Fro 4 ScholaStic Scope • FEBRUARY 20, 2012 AL HISTO NARR RICAL A true ATIVE sto the pary from st IMINALS eNeD CR 3 hARD A BRU TAL PR ISON AZ TR CA hOPk DeBORAh By INSON eO! ATRAz vID AzING ALC UR AM INe fOR O COPe ONL GO TO S • FEBRUARY 20, 2012 5 Prisoners were brought to Alcatraz in armored railcars carried on ferries. As YoU REAd, tHink ABoUt: wHy THEy TRIED this article is about a dangerous escape attempt by inmates at Alcatraz. As you read, consider how conditions at Alcatraz may have motivated them to risk their lives. A t exactly 9:30 on the night of June 11, 1962, the lights at Alcatraz Prison went out. Most of the inmates shivered on their thin, narrow beds as they tried to get some sleep. But not Frank Morris. Morris waited for the prison AlcAtRAz wAs nicknAmEd “UNCLE SAM’S DEVIL’S ISLAND.” to quiet, his heart pounding. If all their cells and set up a secret went according to plan, he would workshop. never sleep behind bars again. For months, Morris and three Many Had Drowned Now, as darkness settled over Alcatraz, everything was ready. Well, almost. At the last minute, West couldn’t Men who had tried to escape get out of his cell. Morris and the brothers Clarence and John before had drowned swimming in Anglin brothers went on without Anglin, had been secretly plotting the frigid waters of San Francisco him. They wriggled out of their to escape from the bleak prison, Bay. Morris and his friends did cells and climbed up plumbing perched on an island in the middle not intend to swim, though. Using pipes.

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