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Isaac Wallace David Kleinman ENG 111 29 November 2011 Positive Poet. From the controversial title, to the unconventional rhyme style, I'm Gay is truly a unique Hip Hop album. The album is a digression from Lil B self created "Based Freestyle" improvisational compositions that fill his catalogue, instead favoring his conscious, positive, and largely free verse style. As also implied by the album art, the central theme of the work is freedom from mental slavery. Lil B makes little of generally controversial subjects in hip hop such as homophobia; Lil B has diamond encrusted chains but questions the basis of his excess and extravagance. Internal conflicts are reflected in several tracks, the most obvious being "I Hate Myself" where self hate and stereotypes are investigated. Soul music and R&B are largely sampled for the beat production and the home recording studio mastering quality is apparent but does not take away from the overall feel of the work. Sometimes Lil B can be heard abandoning a line, stepping away from the verse he had prepared, and transitions into a new direction. Choppy execution and obvious breathing into the microphone give authenticity to the underground, homebrew style that Lil B has become famous (or infamous) for. Rhyming in every bar is not the standard for Lil B, which could be off putting for traditionalist Hip Hop fans. Complex themes being expressed with an arguably simple style create a cohesiveness that can be easily appreciated by a thorough listener. Freedom from forms of mental slavery like racism, stereotypes, and homophobia is the only recognizable theme occurring in all tracks excluding the overall positive message the album tries convey. To be "Based" according to Lil B himself is to be "Positive and Free" and his musical works have these themes dispersed throughout them. Lil B's over 2000 released tracks

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