Albert Speer Report

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Albert Speer was the infamous architect whom served Adolf Hitler from 1933. He has been called many names, most famously ‘The Good Nazi’. Albert Speer was born on the 19th of March, 1905 in Mannheim. Both his grandfather and father worked as architects and his family was a quite wealthy, upper middle class family. He was born near the French-German border and lived a childhood of privilege and material affluence. Speer had great sporting skills as a teenager as well as excelling in his studies. Whilst Speer was being educated in a public high school he came to learn of his love for Mathematics, he wished to fulfil this passion, however decided to continue the family tradition and become an architect. It was in 1922 when Speer met his first wife Margret Weber. He began studying architecture at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, and in 1924 transferred to the Institute of Technology in Munich. Albert Speer, as stated above, was privileged as a child. He was given the opportunity to achieve greatness, and in the eyes of Hitler and a successful Germany, that is exactly what he did. It all began in 1930 at a Nazi rally of which Hitler spoke at. Speer was instantly enchanted by Hitler’s speech and voice, he described himself as being in awe. Speer later claimed that he had joined the Nazi Party as a follower of Hitler. Albert Speer’s luck became a key element as to how he rose to prominence, beginning with Karl Hanke offering Speer early redecoration work for the Nazi Party. Speer succeeded in this job, and impressed Hanke greatly hence giving Speer many more opportunities with the Nazi Party. It wasn’t long before he became a rather highly regarded member of the Nazi party, being asked to take on high-ranking jobs Nazi’s. In the summer of 1932 he was redecorate Goebbels’ secretary. Speer’s connection with Hanke combined with Speer’s efficiency and competence in
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