Albert Speer Personalities

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Personalities – Albert Speer Albert Speer was born on March 19th 1905 into an upper middle class life in Mannheim. His father was an architect and his family was very wealthy. After qualifying as an architect in 1927, his career didn’t take off as he had hoped. Finding it difficult to get architectural work on his own, he ended up working for his father. Speer was then highly influenced by the architect Heinrich Tessenow and he acted as his assistant for a number of years and taught some of his lessons. In December 1930, some of these students encouraged Speer to attend a Nazi rally that was to be addressed by Adolf Hitler. This experience encouraged him to attend another Nazi rally that this time had Joseph Goebbels as the main speaker. Speer, by his own later admission was “intoxicated” by what he heard and saw and he joined the Nazi Party in March 1931. In contrast to his previous lack of professional advancement, Speer was soon appointed to more successful positions within the Nazi Party and Nazi regime after Hitler had come into power in 1933. Hitler regarded Speer as his ‘personal protégé’ and entrusted him with major architectural projects. His skills as an architect linked him to Hitler. The historian Richard Overy described it as being a ‘father and son’ son relationship. They always spent a lot of time together discussing art and building design. Hitler captured his imagination and was very conceited with his architectural work, and by mid – 1943, Speer was at the height of his power and reputation. He enjoyed Hitler’s unquestioned trust and he was the only civilian to take part in military situation conferences. With this came the pressure of the war, there was less time to talk about architecture and the relationship became more formal. After Speer was promoted to Minister for Armaments, he found it very difficult to maintain his
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