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Outline the main features in the background and rise to prominence of the twentieth-century personality you have studied. Albert Speer Albert Speer was a prominent figure in Hitler’s quest to build support for the Third Reich. Speer was born in Mannheim, Germany in 1905 to a wealthy middle-class family. His father was a successful architect and with his busy lifestyle Speer’s childhood lacked affection causing an emotional distance between Speer and his parents which would later have an impact on relations which Speer created in the ultimate search for a mentor. After abandoning his dream of becoming a mathematician Speer began his career in architecture and in 1923 attended the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, finishing his architecture course in 1927. After his graduation from the Institute Speer began to work as his old professors assistant (Professor Tessenow). By 1930 the Nazi movement was becoming more popular with the German people and many of the students at the Institute where Speer worked had begun to support the party. In December of that year Speer was persuaded by his students to attend a Nazi rally where Hitler himself was present. Hitler delivered a charismatic speech where Speer was drawn into each word he spoke and was evidently carried away with the waves of enthusiasm and emotion which would, in later years, attribute to Speer’s defence at the Nuremburg trials claiming he was a ‘follower of Hitler who drew men in with a magnetic force and had not thereafter released me’ – Speer Speer then caught up in the Nazi frenzy joined the NSDAP Party in March 1931. He joined the ‘Nazi Motoring Association’ as his first step to becoming the Third Reich’s’ first architect and an important part of the Nazi regime. As Speer worked his way through the ranks his first job was to renovate the home of Karl Hanke (a Nazi official in Berlin),

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