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Albert Speer was born on 19 March 1905 in Mannheim, Germany, into a solidly upper middle class which was part of the German, ‘haute bourgeosie’, the social elite. As a result, Albert Speer lived prosperously and his family even survived the hyperinflation of 1923. Albert was the second of three boys to Albert Friedrich Speer Senior, and his mother, Luise Mathilde Wilhelmine Hommel. Although Albert Speer was quite a mathematician, his parents persuaded him to take the path of architecture. Speer studied at the technical schools in Karlsruhe, Munich and Berlin, and graduated as an architect in 1927 at the Technical University of Berlin. Speer was persuaded by his students to attend a Nazi Party rally in a Berlin beer-hall in December 1930. As one of the many attending, he heard Hitler speak and was entranced by Hitler’s persuasion and firm visions as well as his charismatic and personal appearance. Speer eventually embarks on the path of Nationalist Socialism because of his fear of communism, fascination for Hitler and rejection of the Treaty of Versailles, with its imposition of German guilt for the First World War. In Albert Speer’s autobiography, ‘Inside the Third Reich’, he mentions that the…show more content…
Speer's task as the Nazi Architect was to impress with the power of the Third Reich, both reinforcing traditional views, and leading his career to a prosperous future. This also had propaganda purposes and the use of stone conveyed the image of the ‘Thousand Year Reich’. In Speer’s role of overseeing the construction of ‘Germania’, he was directly responsible for the eviction of Jews from their homes, supposedly to make their flats available for resettling non-Jews whose homes were damaged in air

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