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Albert Einstein, One of the greatest mathematician and physicist that ever lived was born on March 14, 1879 to a Jewish family in Wurttemberg, Germany. When Einstein was born, his head was unusually large and oddly shaped. Einstein didn’t learn how to speak until the age of three and did it hesitantly, even beyond the age of nine. He attended a Catholic elementary school. When he was five, the revelatory event of his life, his father showed him a small compass, Einstein realized that something in “empty” space acted on the needle. He built models and mechanical devices for fun. In 1889, Max Talmud visited Einstein for six years introduced him to science and philosophy. Einstein attended the Luitpold Gymnasium, where he received a progressive education. He started to learn math at the age of twelve, he taught himself Euclidean plane geometry and started to study Calculus four years later. In 1894, his father’s electrochemical business failed and they moved to Pavia, Italy. Although his family went, Albert decided to stay behind and finish school. He left in the spring of 1895 to regroup with his family. Einstein quit a year and a half prior to his final exams without notifying his parents. At the age of 16, he performed the thought experiment known as "Albert Einstein's mirror". He examined a mirror after starring at it and hypothesized what would happen to his reflection if he was moving at the speed of light. His conclusion was that the speed of light is independent of the observer. Einstein excelled in the math and science parts of the entrance exams for the Federal Polytechnic Institution. But his lack of liberal arts was a setback. His family sent Albert to Switzerland to finish secondary school. There it became clear that Einstein wasn’t going to have a profession in electrical engineer that his father intended. In Switzerland, he

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