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Albert Camus Essay

  • Submitted by: EvelynSherrill1
  • on November 15, 2013
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Letter to Albert Camus

November 10, 2013
Christopher Allen

Letter to Albert Camus
Dear Albert Camus,
It is an honor and pleasure to know that I was given a chance to write a letter to a philosopher with your experience. The era that you grew up in {1913-1960} was considered to be a rough time. Your principle philosophical question was a good one “Is there any reason not to commit suicide?” You believed this question arises when a person stops deciding for themselves and begin seeing the world without any preconceived illusion. Your thoughts were that people chose to live their entire lives and die without really seeing things the way they were or should have been. This was because people didn’t take the time to see the “tragic nature of life” they chose to waste their time living in a “stupid self-confident.” He also feels that relationships were a matter of convention rather than mutual sharing and understanding what really counts {Moore, B.N. & Bruder, K., 2011, pg. 162-163}.”
I do not see eye-to-eye with you about this totally that people will have relationship just as a matter of convention. If people would form relationship out of convention only, I don’t see how anyone could be happy except for maybe someone that was insecure that believed they had to have someone in their life. My theory on relationship is that they are based on the amount of time and effort two people are willing to in to making the relationship work. Also making sure that the other person is who you truly are happy with and can be partner with for the duration. The way I see it that would be boring to be around other people for the sole purpose of convention. These are the kind of relationships where there would be constant fighting/bickering, and it would never last it would end in a bad breakup with bad terms. Relationship are supposed to be happy and joyous to know that someone that is so special to you can be there for you and love you for who you are.
It is...

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