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Albania Essay

  • Submitted by: AnthonyLigato1
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: History
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Anthony Ligato
I chose to link the chapter titled Political Organizations to my culture because of the impact the political structure has on Albanian society. The overwhelming fact when studying Albanian is deep rooted communism has shaped and dramatically affected the culture into what it is today, and because of the deep roots of communism, Albania is making a rocky transition into democracy. Albania is mostly thought of as a nation state, mainly due to the strict isolationist viewpoint of its previous communist leader. The previous communist government of Albanian essentially shut itself off from the rest of the world for about forty-five years. Another grim fact regarding Albania is that because of the strict communist rule many people were forced to live in poverty with no way to advance within their society.   It was also made clear to me what most of the living conditions were like within the country during the decades of communism. Unlike the now US tradition of placing older generations of families into nursing homes, generations of Albania’s will stay within the same home and look after one another. Albanians usually live in somewhat “band” like conditions. Due to the fact that families do not place their elders into nursing homes, there is often up to three generations of people living within an Albanian household. Many people usually grow their own food to provide for their families and are extremely familiar with their surrounding nature.   From a very young age, in Albania, it was made clear how much your actions affected those around you.   Another problem that arouse from communism in Albania was that of poverty, and the problems that poverty usually comes with. Now since there is not many legal ways to advance within a communistic society, many people find themselves living lives of crime just in order to provide for their families. One of the more recent ways the rest of the world was shown about Albanian culture is the...

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