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Traveling to Alaska Specific Purpose: To inform my classmates about visiting interesting places in five regions of Alaska. Central Idea: Southeastern, South Central, Southwest, Interior and Far North regions of Alaska have their own identities and attractions. 1. Introduction Alaska is the largest state in the country and also it is home to the biggest national parks, the longest chain of volcanoes, glaciers and spectacular places for wildlife watching. Main Points:…show more content…
Southwest is home to wild volcanic landscapes and incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. IV. Interior is home to boreal forests and lakes, the region also offers some of Alaska’s best aurora viewing. V. Far North is home to tundra surrounded by wild mountain ranges and rivers, one of the best places for bird watching. 2. Body I. Southeastern region is also known as the Inside Passage; it is made up of a narrow strip of islands, coves and bays. A. Alaska State Museum, Juneau – learn about the state’s history B. Mendenhall Glacier- one of the biggest in the world C. Klondike Gold Rush National Park- walk through the restored historical buildings D. Glacier Bay National Park – whale watching II. South Central Alaska is area just above the Gulf of Alaska where the most of the state’s people live. A. Anchorage –the biggest city in Alaska, visit the Alaska ZOO B. The Wrangell – Saint Elias National Park –ten active volcanoes can be found in here, along with majorities of Alaska’s glaciers C. Prince William Sound- boat rides, watching marine mammals and eagles in natural habitat III. Alaska’s Southwest attracts for its wildlife watching and largest

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