Alas Babylon Essay

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Everything was going ok until he got a telegram from his brother Mark. The telegram said to meet him a Base Ops McCoy and that Mark’s wife and children were coming to Fort Repose and it ended with Alas, Babylon. Randy met up with Mark and that’s when Mark told him that war was coming soon and to prepare for it. Randy doesn’t really want to accept that a war is coming soon but after meeting with his brother, he got confidence and went back to Fort Repose to prepare for what was to come. Randy doesn’t want to alert the whole town about what his brother told him and decided to tell only a select number of people whom he could trust. He told his girlfriend, Lib McGovern, Malachai, and the doctor in town, Dan Gunn. After he has told everyone he continues to make preparations to make sure him, and Mark’s wife and kids had everything. After it was official that there was a war in town everything had changed. People were getting sick and convicts were escaping. Since Randy is the reserve officer he takes the responsibility of becoming the legal authority over Fort Repose. After Dan is injured because of the convicts, Randy decides to put an end to the convict’s ways. So he sets up a trap to catch them. Once they are all caught in action, he shot one of them, one is now a prisoner, while the other two are being gunned down. After the prisoner is hung, everyone feels a little bet safe. A few months later a U.S government helicopter lands and Randy’s old friend Paul Hart comes out with some other men, letting them know that the war is

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