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A kinder, gentler philosophy of success by Alain de Botton The Text ‘a kinder, gentler philosophy of success, is a Speech, spoken by Alain de Botton. In this Text Mr. Botton proves his case by phrase some arguments. He starts the text with a contention by saying, that career crises aren’t a personal problem.” I think that we live in an age when our lives are regularly punctuated by career crises” Botton proclaims. The things we thought that we knew about ourselves suddenly in an imaginable was become a sort of reality to us. By reflecting over some thoughts he can conclude that we are surrounded by snobs. This is maybe why we have this so-called career crises and career anxiety. The “snob phenomenon” doesn’t depend on where on the country you come from, but it is more like a global disease so to say. Here Mr. Botton again come with a sort of conclusion” A snob is anybody who takes a small part of you and uses that to come to a complete vision of who you are. That is snobbery”. This snobbery often appears on jobs these days. It is so important to have the right job, to earn a nice sum of money and telling about it if anybody asks so you don’t get the cold shoulder. The opposite of a snob is someone who doesn’t care about your achievements. This could be your partner or your mother - someone who respects you without putting you in the social hierarchy. The time we live in is filled with people who love material goods. But this is not the reason why we care so much about our careers. Mr. Botton thinks that it is the reward for having the material fabulous things we want. People wants acknowledgement, not someone who is talking bad about them behind their bags like “look at this guy, he is so greedy”. Another reason is that people’s expectations are high and so are our hopes. We all know the motto “you can achieve anything you want”. So maybe people think that you

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