Al Pacino Any Given Sunday

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Pure Inspiration Since the beginning of mankind there has been only one thing that will make anybody work harder and longer for any one thing. No, this one thing isn’t money it is pure inspiration. Inspiration can come from anything such as seeing certain sights or, as I will be talking about, speeches. Many, many people have given inspirational speeches from great leaders like United States presidents to somewhat unknown people such as high school sports coaches. Though there is a very big variety between those two kinds of people they all have one goal; to get people to do something out of that persons own will and desire. The speech I chose to breakdown for you would be Al Pacino’s pre-game speech to his football team in the movie Any Given Sunday. This speech inspired me to go out and do my best in life and take it inch by inch just like he says in his speech. Pacino speaks to his team before the game in the locker room telling them they are either going to come together as a team or they are going to crumble. Though, he inspires them through telling them how the little things in life add up and all those little things are going to make the difference between winning and losing. But, this seems to inspire us, as people who watch it, by all the angles it shows the locker room in, the back ground music, and how he brings his own life into it and explains his mistakes. I will break down each of these three criteria more and give examples of how they are inspiring in these next few paragraphs. Throughout the whole speech as Al Pacino is talking and trying to rally his team to go out, not only on the field but in life also, and succeed at whatever they do during their life there is subtle back ground music being played. While the back ground music is rather quiet, it definitely adds to the moment just to make it that much more inspirational. The music does this
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