Al Capone Vs. Blackbeard

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Death, arson, theft, and trapping individuals on islands are things that Al Capone and Black Beard had in common. Al Capone and Black Beard grew up in different areas and were born in different time periods. Many people would probably consider them one in the same, with a little reading and research you would learn different. It is easier to find the difference between the two. With the two criminals being from different areas of the world and born in different eras, it has a large effect on the style of their corrupt actions. Born in 1899, Al Capone was around many gang members as a young kid. He grew up in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. He dropped out of school and then began interacting with serious criminals involved in the mafia lifestyle. Al Capone got arrested in 1918 for disorderly conduct. This arrest was the beginning of his criminal events. Black Beard began his pirating sometime around 1713. Knows as a native of England, many were familiar with him. Al Capone, who well known as “Scarface”, was known for partaking in terrible crimes on land. Black Beard was known for crimes committed on the boats and on the sea. Rumors hold it that Al Capone has killed many individuals; very few messed with Mr. Capone. Black Beard was not known as being a mass murderer. He would take over ships and there would be no violence involved if the parties participated. If they did not cooperate he would then take their things, burn their ships and leave them stranded on the island. Capone was the more violent of the two. Capone didn’t look scary; he carried himself as any other individual would. Black Beard gets him name from the huge black beard he had covering his face, he also wore a Crimson jacket which had guns and knives attached to his chest. Looks mean nothing, standing side by side Black Beard displays a tougher image, while facts show otherwise. Mr.

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