Al Capone: Gangster

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James Latino HSI Step 2 (Note: The parenthesized numbers within this research correspond with the proceeding works cited list.) 1. Evidence: Al Capone Context in the source: “Al Capone was born on January 17th, 1899.”(pg 1) Who: Al Capone was a gangster and bootlegger. What: He was a figure of American Mafioso’s and organized crime. When: During the early 1900’s through the Prohibition era. Where: Throughout the United States where Italian-immigrant families lived. Why: During the 1920’s, the US government was cracking down on liquor sales and bars. A rising figure in the Chicago Outfit of organized crime, Al Capone began to give immigrant people a service which they desired: alcohol. He began bootlegging…show more content…
2. Evidence: Gangster Context in Source: “He had been a gunslinger for Al Capone in Chicago when Capone was America’s most notorious gangster in the 1920’s.” (pg 2) Who: Gangsters were primarily men who were involved with bootlegging, racketeering, extortion and money laundering. What: Definition 1: a criminal who is a member of an organized crime organization. When: During times of economic depression, during the prohibition era, when large amounts of immigrants and poor came to the United States. Where: In the immigrant ghettos and the poor sections of neighborhoods. Why: Gangsters rose to power because there were economic troubles in their neighborhoods. Many immigrants didn’t have the resources they needed or desired, so other people would provide with those desired sources. How: Lack of justice system, corrupt politicians, large population of immigrants and poor. 3. Evidence: Wealth Context in the Source: “Records show the Capones bought the home for $5,500 in 1923 after moving from Brooklyn, N.Y., where Al Capone’s notorious business interests…show more content…
A time of which that people wanted to stampede crime once and for all. A time that people had had enough of crime. Where: The book speaks about the large cities: New York and Chicago. Why: The people and the government had had enough of crime and being pushed around by organized crime families. How: Handing out prison terms through the courts and judicial system. 6. Evidence: Little Hell Context in Source: “Dean O'Banion was a scrapper from day one. Born on July 8, 1892, he was raised in a neighborhood of Chicago with the unfortunate name "Little Hell", he was Catholic, Irish, and a crazed little demon.” Who: Dean O’Banion was an Italian mobster who was a major rival of Al Capone with bootlegging. What: He was a major rival for Al Capone because of his bootlegging industry. When: During the time when Chicago’s Speakeasies were divided by The Italian South Side Mob and Al Capone’s Mafia. Where: Clearly stated in Chicago during the 1920’s. Why: He started out in the Market Street Gang and rose to power as a bootlegger who could get his customers anything they

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