Al Capone: An American Gangster

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Al Capone was an American gangster who led a life of crime fighting for what he loved. Al Capone is the first name that comes to mind when someone thinks of the Prohibition era or gangsters. Alphonse Capone was raised as a good boy by his Italian family. He started out working for a menial. As a young man Capone held many odd jobs from a candy store clerk to a bowling alley pinboy. Capone entered organized crime when he went to work for gangster Frankie Yale, at his club the Harvard Inn. It was here that Capone received his nickname “Scarface” after being attacked by a man for insulting his sister. He was just a man in love by the beauty she holds in the tips of her fingerers but as a jealous bother you know the rest. It also was here that…show more content…
Time were hard going up as teachers didn’t tolerant immigrant children and often used physical force as a means of discipline. He fell for his love mary and soon the had there son. He loved his family he was your family man. As we know al didn’t take a hit from nobody besides his dear family. At 14, Capone started a fist fight with a teacher, was expelled, and never returned to school again. He ruled with a fist few crossed him for the fear of their life. Unemployed people did not care that the money he gave them was made illegally, to them money was money. Capone also supplied booze to the poor. Throughout the Depression, Capone helped people struggle through the tough times by supplying them with food, money, clothing and alcohol. He was a man with a heart he set up soup kitchens for the needy and he donated money to charity. He was a man of family so I know his family misses him my heart goes out to them. He was afraid of nobody brave and tough. He was all smiles humble servant of god. He was a strong believer in the heavens above. He had a wicked sense of humor as he once said. "You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” harming and charitable as well as powerful and vicious, became an iconic figure of the successful American

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