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Al Capone During the Prohibition Era of the 1920’s and 1930’s, Al Capone, also known as “Scarface” became one of the most notorious Italian-American gangsters of all time. Al Capone, who was baptized Alphonse Gabriel Capone, was born on January 17, 1899. He was the fourth of nine children born to Gabriel and Theresa Capone who were Italian immigrants who came to New York from Italy in 1893. They lived in the Navy Yard section of downtown Brooklyn, New York. Capone was a tough, scrappy kid who grew up in a very rough neighborhood and was taught by his parents that the purpose of life was to obtain wealth and power. As an immigrant, life was unfair with prejudice and poor treatment based on ethnicity. This treatment angered Capone, who felt that the only way to achieve success in an unfair society was to turn to a life of crime. Possibly because nothing was done about this prejudice by government or law enforcement, Capone had little or no respect for authority. In the sixth grade, he beat a female teacher and was expelled from school. He later dropped out of school at the age of 14. Capone was also involved with “kid gangs” such as The Junior Forty Thieves, The Five Point Juniors, The Brooklyn Rippers and The Five Points Gang. Capone had many short-term laborer jobs such as in a munitions factory, paper cutter in a book binding company, candy store, bowling alley, bouncer in bars and brothels, bartender, bookkeeper for a construction firm, and rumored to have managed various brothels. Possibly the reason for so many types of jobs was the fact that Capone did not respect authority, and he turned to a profession of organized crime. Capone held many laborer jobs throughout his young life, but settled in to a professional role at a printing company, but later abandoned this legitimate career after his father’s death on November 14, 1920. Capone later

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