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adrian Cardona March 20, 2013 Al Capone Born in 1899 Alphonse Capone was the fourth of nine children. From childhood Al Capone was already being bad, he had got into trouble with his teacher they got into trouble and then he never returned to school. He started off by getting involved with small-time street gangs, he eventually ranked up into the street mobs senior gang. There he was put as a bouncer at the gang’s local bar and during that he was attacked and slashed across the face giving him a hairless scar and then the new nickname “Scarface”. Capone then moved to Chicago to escape a murder charge even though he faced three charges of murder but only faced one day in jail since the court didn’t have enough evidence to convict him and he became “Public Enemy Number One." Capone got to Chicago the same year Congress declared ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment which outlawed manufacturing, selling, and the transport of alcoholic beverages nationwide “Capone controlled speakeasies, bookie joints, gambling houses, brothels, horse and race tracks, nightclubs, distilleries and breweries at a reported income of $100,000,000 a year, He even acquired a sizable interest in the largest cleaning and dyeing plant chain in Chicago”. One of his partners was the corrupt Chicago mayor William “Big Bill” Hale Thompson until he stopped when he seen that Capone’s type of work was bad for his political image, which he then hired a new police chief to try to run Capone out of Chicago to try to make himself look better. All of this caught the attention of gangsters and the profitable business of bootlegging. He now worked as a bouncer and bagman for the gang which he was paid well for. Then from a gang retaliation the current leader of the gang was taken out making Al Capone the new leader of the gang he

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