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The Legacy of Al Capone: How He Changed the World of Crime Gambling, boot-legging, extortion, and money racketeering are just some of the many profitable, yet illegal activities that aided Al Capone’s domination of the Chicago underworld. From its small beginning as gamblers and brothel owners to its domination of labor unions and distribution of illegal alcohol, the Capone organization and its members changed the world of organized crime forever. In the early 1900s ruthless business man, Al Capone and his syndicate, later to be known by the world as the Capone Gang, was able to corrupt political offices, form allied relationships with police officers, and intimidate the citizens of Chicago allowing organized crime to flourish and create a permanent place in the social, economic and political history of America. Alphonse Capone “a pleasant enough fellow to meet…a fervent hand shaker, with an agreeable, well-nigh ingratiating smile, baring a gleaming expanse of dental ivory; a facile conversationalist; what police reporters call ‘a right guy’; generous- lavishly so…but God help us when he is sore, though” (Pasley 11), became infamous for his business practices in the early 1900s in Chicago, IL. He was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1899 to Neapolitan parents. While in school, teachers noted his intelligence but he felt he had little use for school. Instead he dropped out of school at age 14 to learn the way of the streets, he eventually joined a gang run by Johnny Torrio. After years of minor problems with the law and being a bouncer for one of Torrio’s brothels, he got a scar on his left cheek, earning him the nickname “Scarface”. In 1919, Capone fled murder charges in New York and escaped to Chicago and to work for his former boss, Johnny Torrio. When Capone arrived in Chicago, Johnny Torrio and his uncle, Jim Colosimo, were at odds with each other over business

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