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Al Capone Essay

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  • on December 11, 2011
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US History 11
6 October 2010
2nd block

Alphonse Capone: The American Gangster

Alphonse Capone, as known as "Al Capone" or "Scarface", is an American gangster during Prohibition, which was the time period (1920s) in the U.S. that alcohol was banned, but did not stop this bootlegger.   This criminal had a rough, violent life since he was a boy all the way to his death.
Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York. The hard life started for him at such a young age, possibly from his surroundings and where he lived. He was a smart kid but ended up dropping out of his 6th grade year after violently attacking his female teacher. After he did that, he would never be able to get a high paying job, so he joined the gangster industry with his now leaders Johny Torrio and Lucky Luciano.
He started getting into trouble and so he called up his friend Torrio and he hired Capone to work in his friend's bar, knowing that he would not mind violence, aslo giving Capone orders to hurt people who have no payed off   their debts.   So basically Capone was doing all of the dirty work, made him learn more about the hoffific, criminal life he was living. From all of this violence you know he had to have battle wounds, so he had got into a fight one time and got sliced with a razor blade on his cheek, which gave him the nickname of   "Scarface." Violence was not just anything, it soon came to be now his life.



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