Akira Manga Essay

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Akira is a story told in broad strokes by Katsuhiro Otomo in the 19th centuries. In this manga, there are histories, specifics, and lots of world building but for the most part it is about characters lost in something a lot larger than them. Kaneda and Tetsuo are 2 main characters who are rebellious kids from a tough neighborhood and they’re pulled into something supernatural that could shape the future of the Universe. Every step of the story just expands on what has come before until the film reaches its miserable ending. I would prefer reading the book than watching the movie cause of the details. The movie is great and fantastic but you will miss bunches of crucial parts, which is very good, of the book. The theme I find most prominent is the Frankenstein Complex. Because I think that it was very much a whole concept “god from the machine” kind of thing. Tetsuo, is a character that support the theme because he has given the power of a god, and he was losing control and acting out on his basic, selfish, destructive tendencies. I think the scene when Tetsuo is in a middle of the process of evolving, the he started to turn his back to his mates, Kaneda. Because he realizes he needs to talk to Akira and figure things out what’s next and what’s going on with his head. Eventually the effects of the pills on Tetsuo wear off and he loses control. In the process of his consciousness leaving his body, I think this is the point of no return to human and the best example to support the themes. Akira is an example for what we problem we have nowadays. That we consist too much in technologies and don’t know that it will destroy human generation in

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